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Why Outdoor?
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  • Outdoor creates impact and commands attention
  • Outdoor is the world's largest advertising medium
  • Outdoor is larger than life
  • Outdoor is creative and compelling
  • Outdoor provides timely and useful information to consumers
  • Outdoor helps consumers know where to get things and how to find places
  • Outdoor is found in commercial and retail areas where people shop, dine, and play
  • Outdoor is the point of sell before the point of sale
  • Outdoor reaches consumers at the most important time: in the market and ready to buy
  • Outdoor is seen all day, every day
  • Outdoor provides a constant reminder of your message, product or service
  • Outdoor builds top of mind awareness
  • Outdoor generates repetition; repetition builds recall and aids in branding
  • Outdoor adds continuity to the media mix
  • Outdoor COSTS LESS per thousand impressions than other major advertising media

Unlike other advertising media:

  • Outdoor cannot be turned off with the flick of a switch
  • Outdoor cannot be tuned out with the press of a button
  • Outdoor cannot be overlooked with the turn of a page
  • Outdoor cannot be thrown away without being read
  • Outdoor cannot be channel surfed
  • Outdoor cannot be buried among several other ads
  • Outdoor cannot be filtered as spam
  • Outdoor cannot be closed like a pop up window
  • Outdoor cannot be eliminated by DVR and commercial skipping