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Leasing ground for an outdoor advertising sign can be a very profitable opportunity for a property owner, without tying up any more property than an area about the size of a spare tire. The owner already has the land. We make all the additional investment, and handle all the construction, operation, marketing, sales, and accounting on the sign. All the property owner has to do is cash the checks! Although leasing is the most common arrangement for our advertising structures, occasionally we also purchase property or perpetual easements, and some properties can be included in like kind exchanges.

Our principals have been involved in leasing, purchasing, developing and managing outdoor advertising sites for over twenty-five years. We understand the issues involved in the process: from the importance of pre-construction planning and preparation, to coordinating construction on the property, to physical management of the sign for years into the future. We are sensitive to ongoing activities on the property and we coexist without interference to other tenants or users of the property.

We are a Chattanooga based company, with billboards throughout Chattanooga, and also in other parts of Tennessee, North Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky. We are not a part of a huge national conglomerate or a subsidiary business of a corporate giant. All of our decisions are made locally and made quickly. We are also not a company that is being built to sell out. If you have questions about another company in Chattanooga, ask them if they have ever sold, if they are for sale, have recently been up for sale, or plan to sell, and how long have they been in business here. There have been so many sales and purchases of sign companies it is hard to keep up with what their names are. When you do business with us, you know who you will be doing business with tomorrow, and into the future. LaFoy is a name that has been known in the Chattanooga market for eighteen years, and it is a name you can trust and count on.

You can rely on LaFoy Outdoor to do a quality job, pay you on time, and do what we say we are going to do. Outdoor is all we do!