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A few good reasons for leasing property to us for a billboard:

We pay top rental fees for top quality billboard sites.

The Landowner benefits from a long term guaranteed income stream which provides free cash flow from a few square feet of unused ground, generating profits as well as revenues to offset taxes and other expenses.

Our structures take up only a few square feet of ground space and can often be placed in totally out of the way places, yet the rental amount paid per square foot usually exceeds rates paid for most commercial space in the same area.

The Landowner benefits by supplementing income derived from the property without any significant impact or inconvenience to the property, while retaining maximum utility of the property for other purposes.

We deliver a turn-key product at our expense; designed, engineered, and constructed with state-of-the-art technology, and we have a proven track record of profitable asset management.

The Landowner benefits from a lucrative cash flow opportunity with no cash outlay.

Our structures draw attention to your property for the same reason advertisers find them effective: your property gets attention from passing motorists.

The Landowner benefits from an enhanced awareness of the property by the public which aids in exposure of the property; this could also help in recruiting tenants who need the extra attention.

Billboards are highly regulated, and spacing rules require significant distance between signs. Once a location is permitted, adjacent properties and often other nearby properties cease to qualify for additional billboards.

The Landowner that acts quickly can benefit from an income stream for years-but the option may never be available again if a nearby site is developed for a billboard first.

All of our structures are insured to protect against the unlikely event of an accident or damage.

The Landowner benefits by increasing income opportunities from the property without additional liability.

Most of our structures are lighted at night.

The Landowner benefits from the added security of a brightly lit sign.

Many older signs are in locations where new signs are not permitted, but some are grandfathered and can be replaced.

We have a successful track record of redeveloping older locations and improving Landowner benefits.