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Leasing Property to LaFoy Outdoor

SITE SELECTION: LaFoy Outdoor selects sites in areas where outdoor advertising will be desirable and marketable to the advertising community. A location on the property is selected where the sign will be most visible to the audience.

QUALIFICATION: The property is evaluated to determine whether it qualifies for a billboard under local and state regulations.

TERMS: We negotiate mutually beneficial lease terms with the property owner and enter a formal lease agreement.
• We believe in win/win relationships and we structure our terms in ways that are fair and equitable for both parties.
• The rental amounts we pay are based on revenue generating projections for the specific site, which are determined by surrounding demographics, traffic count, intensity of other signage, and other factors.
• Our structures are very expensive, so our lease agreements are for long periods of time, which provides the property owner a long term guaranteed income stream, and allows us to recoup our investment and make a reasonable profit.

PERMITTING: Once an agreement is in place, we apply for and obtain all necessary state and/or local building permits, variances, and/or other approvals at our expense. Permitting usually takes about 30 days. Variances and zoning changes will take longer.

STRUCTURE FABRICATION: Once permits are approved, we have a custom sign structure designed, engineered, and fabricated specifically for the site, which generally takes 3-6 weeks.

SITE PREPARATION: We order underground utilities checks and sometimes order underground soil tests and surveys. We also prepare the site in advance for access and installation.

• The actual construction process generally takes 2-3 days.
• We are sensitive to ongoing activities on the property, and we try to coordinate construction in a manner that creates minimal interference with ongoing activities; however, this is a construction job involving a large sign, and there will be equipment and materials involved in the process.
• Upon completion, excess materials are removed and the jobsite is left in an orderly condition.
• Electricity is connected within about a week following construction.

SERVICE/MAINTENANCE: The periodic installation and changing of advertisements is an unobtrusive process which involves a 1 or 2 man crew wrapping a large vinyl tarp-like material around the sign face. Our ads do not tear up and fall off or litter the surrounding ground like some other types of outdoor advertising signs. We also repaint our structures periodically and perform regular maintenance, none of which should interfere with other activities on the property.