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Billboards create immediate awareness of the advertiser and their message

The advertiser benefits from rapid image building and branding, and effective promotional and directional information

Billboards overpower the surroundings, bringing the advertiser’s message to consumers with high impact from tremendous size and eye-catching visual presence

The advertiser benefits from the message standing out and commanding attention

Billboards deliver the advertiser’s message all day, every day, and every night, for weeks and months

The advertiser benefits by constantly reaching prospects and consumers, and by them constantly seeing the message, so when it comes time to buy, they know where to go

Billboards offer the lowest audience delivery cost of all media, with cost per thousand impressions and cost per gross rating point much lower than other media.

The advertiser benefits from more bang for the buck when looking at actual per day delivery cost—check and compare!

Billboard ads can be placed in areas that are important to the advertiser from a target audience or competitive geographic standpoint

The advertiser benefits from no wasted exposure, and not having to pay for advertising that is broadcast or delivered in areas that are not wanted

Billboards reach consumers when they are in their cars, where they have potential to become immediate customers by responding to an effective ad

The advertiser benefits by reaching a consumer that could respond to the ad with an immediate purchase

LaFoy Outdoor provides top notch customer service based on years of experience. We feature quick response, excellent locations, rapid turnaround, and tight vinyls

The advertiser benefits from an easy, convenient and reliable purchase process and a high quality advertising execution worthy of their image